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Kurokami The Animation, The Unaired Side Story

This is a side story from the Korean Manga based show Kurokami that was never shown on TV and came as a bonus item with the limited edition of the last Blu-ray disc, volume eight. It seems to take place somewhere in-between the events of episode 18 and centres around Excel.

It doesn’t expand the main plot in anyway. It’s basically something for the Excel and Steiner fans because unravels their mysterious background and the subtle love interest that was in the main show. Other than that, there’s just one more bit of information about the how the Guardian Contract system works.

Side Story
The Tiger and Wings

In the past, Excel’s home is burned down and her little brother Klaus is killed when rogue Guardians pass by their village. She meets Steiner who explains he was employed by an organisation to track down these rogues. He apologises for his incompetence but invites her to create a contract with him for vengeance. Young Excel was hesitant, wondering if she will really be of any use but accepts after some encouragement that she was a strong girl. After training and experience in real battles, Excel was soon accustomed to The Thousand’s ways but was also growing fond of Steiner. She reveals she wasn’t strong at all and it was because Steiner was by her side that she could move on. Steiner also reveals his feelings by giving her a ring while on the plane to Okinawa.

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Kurokami The Animation Episode Summary 23, End Thoughts

Yes, I know this is well overdue but after the previous episode, it felt like the series had already ended so I wasn’t in a rush to watch this. That and I’ve been busy translating a novel.

Episode 23

Original OP “Sympathizer” and ED “Iro no nai Sekai” are used.

Kuro leaves to return to the Sacred Land and remembers everything that’s happened – Especially of the times she and Keita had experienced together since the day they met. Meanwhile, their contract remains as Keita marries Akane and lives a fulfilling life until old age when he could see his grand children. The Kaionji Group undergo re-organisation and the world is free of the Masagami’s curse, the Doppel Liner system but Kuraki comments there were still many other systems that bound humans in the world…

Kurokami 23

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Kurokami The Animation, Episode Summaries 19 ~ 22

Episode 19
Spirited Away

As Kuro and Keita find Reishin, they couldn’t believe who was there with him as his contractor. It was Akane. Seeing how she wouldn’t tell them why she was helping him go after the Masagami’s power, they decide to battle it out with Reishin hoping she will wake up. With Kuro and Keita backed up by their newly gained Tera Cycle Synchro and, Reishin supported by Akane’s overpowering Tera that exceeded that of other humans, a fierce battle breaks out. However, just like Keita, he too notices another power source surging through Kuro as they fight.

Kurokami 19

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Kurokami The Animation, Episode Summaries 15 ~ 18

Episode 15

Kuro meets an old acquaintance Shinra who once left the Sacred Land together with Reishin. They battle it out but something seems to be holding back Kuro. Meanwhile, Yuki was confronting her Master Root Akane but was surprised to find she was pitied and that Akane wasn’t afraid of dying. Just as Kuraki enters to kill Yuki as part of his plan to control the Kaionji Group, the floor collapses, giving Keitai and the others a chance to escape together with Yuki. Unfortunately, Raiga catches up with them and Akane is left to escape with Yuki but their helicopter is caught up with trouble.

Kurokami 15

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Earl Grey Tea

Was going about my usual grocery round at the supermarket when I was passing through the drinks section and saw some boxes of Earl Grey” tea. I don’t really drink tea that much but I was immediately reminded of Kurokami where Excel and Akane were talking about it. Wondering what was so special about the tea they had to give it a mention in the show, curiosity got the best of me and I bought a box to try. They seem to be quite expensive in Japan if the online prices are anything to go by.

After trying the aromatic version, I can say it has a smoother taste and strong aroma to it than the Tetley bags. The bergamot tastes and smells a bit like herbs…

Earl Grey Tea featured in Kurokami.