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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 48 ~ 50, End Thoughts

Episode 48
Dawn at Ryoza

In a great blizzard, Shunan’s army of Toudahs gather at the plains. He is surprised to find his brother Nugan was also gathering his army together there. Nugan considered his actions treachery but also wanted to witness how far his brother was going to go. Even the Grand Duke himself who was burdened heavily with sickness was there to witness the moment of change. As a play of Jeh’s descent goes underway, Erin finds Kiriku wounded outside the stable. She tends to him just like any other injured person. Kiriku wanted her to leave with him but she refuses because she knew the events that were about to unfold were going to decide the future. She was determined to see through her own responsibilities. After taking one last look at Erin who reminded him of his own sister Tayan, he prays Erin will live on with happiness and leaves. As Kiriku struggled through the blizzard he encounters Iyal. A duel breaks out between them but they are surrounded by Damiya’s men. They manage to defeat them all together and using Kiriku’s mask as a disguise, Iyal sets out to assassinate Damiya.

Kemono no Souja Erin 48

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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 44 ~ 47

Episode 44
Akun Meh Chai

Over the years, Saju had made a memorial for Erin thinking that she was dead. She had a daughter and she wondered why Erin’s memorial was aside from the rest of the villagers – Was it because she was an “Akun Meh Chai”? Meanwhile, Erin arrives at the Razhal Conservation Centre for adult King Beasts. She had brought along a dagger with her, ready to committ suicide if she is ever forced to create the Great Sin again. Damiya demands she raises an army of King Beasts to bring about the miracle that Shunan had proposed towards the current Shinoh, Semiya. Erin decides to make use of the misconceptions people had about her tribe, the Aohrol. She tells Damiya that she was an “Akun Meh Chai” meaning a child born between a couple who weren’t supposed to be together. Her father was an average human while her mother was an Aohrol and Damiya knew very well such people were forbidden to be together. She also lies that such children were born with special abilities and in Erin’s case, she can control the King Beasts unlike other people.

Damiya was skeptical but Erin decides to prove it to him. Picking a random King Beast, Erin plays the harp again. Deep down, the fear she had when Lilan attacked her was welling up again but she ignored it and stayed calm. She managed to calm down the beast. One of the other staff members try the same but fail but this did not change Damiya’s mind. He threatens Erin that if she doesn’t manage to create the miracle, everyone at Kazhalm including her best friend Yuyan will be executed. He also reminds her that if the Grand Duke were become ruler, use of King Beasts may become forbidden and it was then that Erin thought to herself this maybe the only hope she had to save Lilan and her family.

Kemono no Souja Erin 44

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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 40 ~ 43

Episode 40
Darkness Shrowds the Kingdom

Lilan finally calms down and lands aboard the Shinoh’s ship. Erin is shocked at the bloody scene before her and the reality that Lilan was responsible for all of it. However, she recovers to go help tend to the wounded. The Shinoh had hit her head and was unconscious. Soon, help from Kazhalm arrives but because they didn’t bring any antidote for the Toudah’s poisonous fangs, Erin flies back to collect some. The fleet moves to the Kazhalm Noble Halls in case their asssailants attempted to attack again and there, Iyal is blamed for his incompetence. Later, goes to visit his wounded subordinates and finds Erin there. Erin had been waiting for him and tends to his badly wounded right arm. Iyal remembers the words of his master about the country falling apart and speaks out his thoughts to Erin, thinking it was the Grand Duke who attacked them. However, Erin tells him that the Toudahs may not have belong to the Grand Duke because they had no marks on their tails. She also goes onto explaining about her past.

Kemono no Souja Erin 40

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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 36 ~ 39

Episode 36
The Graduation Exam

Celebrations are underway at Kahzalm as everyone learns that Lilan will soon have a baby. However, Erin is so worried about her, she almost forgets about the graduation exam until Tomura reminds her. Meanwhile, Lilan’s appetite has increased so dramatically, the conservatory was having problems keeping her well fed and considers reporting to the Shinoh about the matter while keeping Erin’s talent a secret. Kiriku volunteers to go report and to their relief, the Shinoh was very happy hearing the news and grants them extra food supplies, giving her best wishes. The students graduate successfully and one by one, they leave the school to return home while Erin turns a new page in her life to begin her career as a teacher.

Kemono no Souja Erin 36

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Erin The Beast Player, Novel and Anime Comparison Vol. 1

I’ve been reading through the first Kemono no Souja, Erin novel now that the show is pass the half way mark and I thought I would run a comparison between the Anime and the book itself.

A lot of spoken lines in the novel are used in the show but, the most obvious difference is that Nukku and Mokku aren’t in the novel. They’re just there for comic relief really but overall, the novel seems slightly darker with extra detail that makes it more believable. For example (without ruining the story too much) the part where a certain character thought to herself that happiness doesn’t last forever – It’s definitely not something a child would be told so I guess why that scene wasn’t in the show.

Beast Player Erin Volume 1

Don’t read on even if you are following the show just now because it seems they’ve juggled a few parts around and what you read here, might become a spoiler in a yet-to-air episode!

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