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Akikan, Episode Summaries 11 ~ 12, End Thoughts

Episode 11
Shock! The Strongest Akikan

Kisaki is in hospital and Budoko goes missing. Not long afterwards, Najimi is found in hospital and Yell is missing too. It is then that both Kakeru and Melon learn from Kisaki about the strongest Akikan there was is out targeting all the other Akikans, no matter whether they were steel or aluminium. They know nothing about it other than it was breaking the rules of the Akikan Elect. Otoya had tried to stop her but ended up having his office destroyed. As Melon is troubled over what to do, she is attacked by two Akikans that look like the missing Yell and Budoko and confronts the strongest Akikan.

Akikan 11

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Akikan, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Episode 7
A Big Welcome for the Transfer Student
New opening song, “Juicy Extacy”.

Najimi suggests Yell attends the same school as her so that she could learn how fun it is to go to school. She causes quite a stir at the school and gains popularity instantly as the students learn she is Najimi’s maid and refers to Kakeru with the honorific suffix “-sama”. The craziness doesn’t stop there as Kakeru makes a fool out of Kisaki and Yurika swears she will never let him lay hands on her beloved Najimi or other girls. Fortunately, the class ends before anything could happen. Kakeru is still worried Yell and Melon may still fight as part of the Akikan Elect and his fears are realised when a baseball game becomes a competition between the two candidates.

Akikan 07

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Akikan 05

Episode 5 Summary
Their Relationships at the Dating Stage?!

The guys at school were getting jealous having learned from Amaji that Kakeru had spent the night with Melon, Yurika and Najimi but, Kakeru claims he didn’t really care about Melon. He gets ready to fend for himself, warning them not to get closer. He ends up with a kick on the back from Melon as the guys cheer. He gets another punch in the face for calling her violent.


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Akikan 04

Oh, I know so much more about cans now!

Episode 4 Summary
Getting Lost, Running and Thinking

Melon was sitting next to a vending machine on a deserted street, still bothered about how Kakeru didn’t understand an Akikan’s feelings. Just then, a silver-haired girl appears nearby and speaks out her thoughts.

Melon thinking things over.

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