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A New 5 Centimetres Per Second Site, Novel English Translation

I’m sure regular visitors amongst you will know how much of a fan I am of Makoto Shinkai’s 5 Centimetres Per Second by now. After looking through how much information I’ve gathered about the movie, I thought this blog wasn’t giving it enough space to organise so I’ve decided to create a sub-site for it to have all the content accessible in one place.

Everything 5cm related that is on this blog will soon be accessible only via the new site – so if you’ve bookmarked anything, it’s time to update your bookmarks!

You can also now read my English translation of the very first episode of the novel, “Cherry Blossoms (Oukasho)“. I’ve kept the comparisons in case anyone is interested in the differences with the movie and don’t want to spend time comparing and reading themselves.

“Hey, it looks just like snow, “Akari had said.

It was seventeen years ago when she said that. We had just become elementary six students and we would always walk together around the small grove on our way home with our schoolbags on our little backs. It was spring and a countless number of cherry blossoms were in full bloom on the trees, their petals dancing soundlessly in the air, covering the asphalt beneath our feet in a blanket of white. The air was warm and the sky hung overhead as if it was a great canvas covered with light blue paint. Not far from us ran the main road and the Odasaki railroad crossing but none of its noise seemed to reach us. Only the chirping of birds could be heard as if a blessing from spring. There was no one else was around.

It was as if it was just a painting of a certain spring scene.

That’s right. At least in my memories that moment of time was like a painting. You could say they were just a collection of images. When I try to gather those old memories, I feel as if I’m gazing from outside a frame at a little distance. The young man had only just turned eleven and so was the girl who was around the same height as he was. I gaze as their figures as they run into the distance, the light that filled the world enveloped them naturally. I was always watching them from behind in that painting. And every time it would always be the young girl who ran ahead first. When I remember that short moment of sadness that shivered the young man’s heart, it makes even I who was now an adult feel just a little sad.

In any case, I remember how Akari had described the shower of cherry blossom petals were like snow. But I never saw it that way. At that time, cherry blossoms were just cherry blossoms and snow was just snow to me.

“Hey, it looks just like snow.”

“It does? Hmmm, maybe it does…”

“Oh, never mind,” Akari said coldly walking two steps ahead quickly before turning around. Her brown hair shone as the light from the sky reflected off it and once again, she said something mysterious.

“Hey, I heard they fall at five centimetres per second.”


“What do you think?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on, think about it, Takaki-kun.”

I still didn’t know what she was talking about so I just honestly told her I didn’t know.

“It’s the speed cherry blossom petals fall at. They fall at five centimetres per second.”

And you can read the rest on the site itself. A print friendly version is also available so you don’t have to worry about printing off everything on the site.

Please do not copy my translation anywhere but instead, link back to the site thanks.

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Makoto Shinkai’s 5cm Manga Adaptation Begins This Month, Next Movie Storyboard

An announcement has been made that there will be a Manga version of Makoto Shinkai’s most recent movie, “5 Centimetres per Second“. Yukiko Seike will be artist behind the coloured Manga and the serialisation will start in July’s issue of Afternoon which will be on sale from tomorrow, May 23rd.

On the other hand, Mizu Sahara was the artist behind the Manga adaptations of Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days for this very same magazine.

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Makoto Shinkai x Tenmon 10th Anniversary Orchestral Album

Been a while since I last posted anything about Makoto Shinkai. Thanks to Daike-san, who has been too busy with work lately to update his fansite, for letting me know about this upcoming orchestral CD.

To commemorate Anime director Makoto Shinkai and musician Tenmon’s collaboration for the past ten years, an orchestral image album featuring their work dubbed “Promise” is due on December 9th for 2900 Yen (US$31).

Makoto Shinkai x Tenmon - Promise Orchestra CD

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5 Centimeters per Second Gets A Reference in TVB’s Sakura Memories

I was just watching the Chinese Channel this evening when episode one of a holiday programme about Japan named 樱红醉了 came on. I think the Chinese name “ying hung zeoi liu” is a pun for “The Drunken Hero” but the English name is “Sakura Memories“.

Anyway, the narrator and actress Niki Chow was suddenly talking about how cherry blossoms fall at five centimetres per second… Guess where that came from!

Of course, it’s written in Traditional Chinese. You can watch a streaming version of the show on TVB’s website. Japan’s got a lot of unique looking places and I still haven’t been yet ^^;

5 Centimetres per Second gets a reference.

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Global Shinkai Day Comes to An End

And so, Global Shinkai Day has come to an end. I literally stayed up overnight until Saturday morning at six for the first session, slept for the second then stayed for the others. The number of attendees started off pretty well. It mostly floated between the 10 to 15 people mark for the day but peaked to just over 21 while Promised Days was being watched for the first time.

So who appeared? Out of my blog readers here and the other forums that I usually visit, I only recognised Maltos. Then of course, we had the organiser Laz making his opening comments to give the event a very well delivered formal introduction and, a few of the attendees helping with the countdown so that we were playing the movies at the same time. Zitch came along and, I’m sure everyone who was there would agree, unintentionally did an excellent job of a “commentary track” on the Ventrillo voice chat that he hosted. It could probably have fit in perfectly with the movie releases so far! It was also nice to see Daike, who helped promote the event, drop by to say hello too.

Global Shinkai Day Opening

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