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Persona PSP, No More Frustrating Navigation Controls

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Persona PSP, No More Frustrating Navigation Controls

Meguro has been helping improve the quality of a ending theme song for a "certain project" but has managed to find time to post about more of the changes that will appear in the Persona PSP remake due in a week's time.

So I guess that's another reason why the soundtrack is being given away for free this time.


He also mentions you might be able to catch different BGMs each day if you click on the butterfly flying around on the official site...

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I don't have a PSP, but it's still nice to read up on the game. Thanks for translating the post.




"Most of the BGM tracks have been kept within 500KB to help speed up loading times. This limit also means most of the re-composed tracks are just around 1 minute long."

There's the reason why I shouldn't have hyped it so. Now I'm already disappointed.